How to Fix a Brinkmann LED Light

Brinkmann LED lights are available in a variety of sizes, brightness and sizes. The company makes flashlight, headlight and spotlight sized LED lights for back-country and recreational use. The LED bulbs are designed to work for a lifetime, with life usage upwards of 10,000 hours. If you have a Brinkmann light that is not working, the trouble most likely rests in the batteries and the connections.

Unscrew the battery housing and inspect the metal connecting points for any corrosion or breakage. If corrosion is present, pour some cola into a small cup and dip the toothbrush in the fluid.

Scrub off all corrosion with the cola soaked toothbrush and wipe away excess with a paper towel. If the metal connectors are loose, use a small optical screwdriver to tighten them back into position.

Insert replacement batteries, close the housing and turn the light on to test the repair.

Unscrew the plastic retaining cap on the Brinkmann light if, in fact, a bulb has burned out. Pull the bulb out of the housing. If the bulb is in a grouping of LED bulbs, use a small pair of tweezers to pick out the dead bulb.

Push the new bulb into the old housing. Turn the light on to test the new bulb prior to screwing the retaining cap back onto the light. Not all Brinkmann lights use a screw-on retaining cap.


  • Some lights have caps that need to be popped out via a small screwdriver along the edges. Spare bulbs are available through Brinkmann (see Resources).


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