Where to Find Used Outboard Motors for Sale

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Need a new outboard motor for your hunting or fishing boat, but don't want to spend a lot of money on one? Chances are, you can buy one almost as good as new for much less if you are willing to take the time to search for a used motor. You won't be able to buy a used motor as quickly and easily as a new one, but if you are patient, you might be able to find one to more than serve your needs.

Check out the want ads in your local paper. Chances are, someone might be listing a used outboard motor for sale, especially during the weeks before hunting and fishing season, or shortly after the season ends.

Look on the Internet. You can do a general, local search on www.Craigslist.org, or better yet, look at websites created specifically to sell used outboard motors, such as www.smalloutboards.com, www.boatmotors.com, and www.brokeboats.com. The downside of such websites, however, is that shipping may be expensive if you can't find a motor for sale locally.

Ask around. Talk to your local boat mechanic or sellers. They might know of someone who is trying to or thinking about selling one. If you're very lucky, the mechanic or owner himself will have one just sitting in a back room, gathering dust.

Visit a local swap meet, or hunting and outdoor show. People who set up booths at such events solely to sell used boating, hunting and fishing items, including motors.


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  • Start early! It will take time and patience to find the perfect used or rebuilt outboard motor.

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