How to Fill the Water Tank on a Coachmen Mirada

The Coachmen Mirada is a class A style of recreational vehicle. These are the largest of the RV classes and are similar in appearance to large motorcoach buses. Coachmen offers the Mirada in several different floor plan models that all have fresh water holding tanks. The holding tanks have a capacity of 49 gallons and 66 gallons, depending on the model. Filling the fresh water tank is a simple task done via an intake similar to a gas tank intake.

Drive the Miranda to a campground or fresh water filling station. Many highway rest stops offer water fill-up stations. Drive the Miranda to the water hose by pulling up to the hose on the driver's side. Turn off the Miranda and check that the water pumps are turned off.

Open the tank housing panel on the right rear side of the RV. Unscrew the water tank cap and insert the water hose. Begin pumping the water. Watch the fill indicator that shows water levels in the tank.

Fill the tank to 90 percent capacity and stop. Remove the hose and screw the tank cap back on. Close the housing panel.

Go inside the Miranda and press the fresh water tank fill indicator lights to the right of the RV door. Check that four green lights go on when the switch is pushed, indicating a full fresh water tank.


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