How to Field-Strip a Ruger SR40

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The Ruger SR40 pistol is lightweight, with a polymer frame, optional stainless slide, and 15+1 magazine capacity. It is the successor to the popular SR9. The 40 in SR40 stands for .40 caliber -- a cartridge that is widely used by law-enforcement agencies. The SR40 comes with high-visibility three-dot sights that can be adjusted for windage and elevation. You can also customize the feel of the gun with a reversible back strap that can be adjusted to the shooter's grip preferences without having to spend money on additional grips or tools. As with any pistol, gun owners should periodically field-strip and clean their firearms, even if they aren't used often.

Press down on the magazine latch and remove the magazine. Pull back the slide and visually inspect the chamber to make sure it is unloaded.

Lock the slide back to keep it in its "open" position by gripping both sides of the slide with your left or right hand and pressing the slide stop upwards. There is a indentation on the slide that engages the slide stop lever, propping the SR40 in its locked, open position.

Maintain pressure on the slide stop while in its open position, and with your index finger, put the ejector lever in its forward position by pushing it down & forward.

Be sure to keep a firm hold on the slide stop because the spring in the slide is under extreme pressure and will injure your finger if you accidentally release the slide stop.

Push in the take-down pin on the right side of the Ruger SR40, and you will notice the other side of the take-down pin protruding outwards on the left side of the frame. Pull it out to remove the pin.

Let the slide move forward slowly, and as soon as the spring fully decompresses, ease the slide forward and remove it from the SR40's frame.

Hold the slide upside down and remove the recoil spring from its seat. With your thumb on the front end of the slide, pull the recoil spring down with constant pressure to depress the tension in the spring, lift the recoil spring off in a forward motion and remove the recoil spring from the barrel lug.

Remove the barrel from the slide by pushing the barrel forward and lifting it out.

Reassemble the firearm by follow these steps in reverse.


  • Never point the barrel at anything that you deem valuable, whether the gun is loaded or not.


  • If you own an SR40 and don't have the owner's manual, Ruger will provide one to you free of charge. Always use the manual.
  • Always use safe gun handling practices. Teach children as well as others that are new to firearms on how to handle & operate firearms safely.


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