How to Field Strip a Smith & Wesson 3913 TSW Pistol

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The Smith and Wesson 3913 TSW was originally designed to replace law-enforcement revolvers with a semi-auto handgun. The 3913 is a 9 mm pistol that carries a 9-round capacity magazine, making it perfect for law-enforcement applications. Like all pistols, the 3913 can be "field stripped" to its primary components for quick cleaning and repairs.

Depress the magazine release button and clear the chamber of any ammunition.

Rotate the manual safety lever to "fire."

Grab the frame and slide with your left hand. Place your right hand on the grip.

Apply pressure with the left and right hands in opposite directions until the slide stop notch aligns with the rounded portion of the slide stop.

Press in on the slide stop pin with your hand.

Allow the slide to move forward to the closed position. Pull the slide forward until it releases from the frame.

Pull forward on the recoil spring under the slide until it releases. Pull out the barrel.


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