How to Field Strip an S&W 908

The Smith & Wesson 908 was derived from the earlier Smith & Wesson Model 39; that weapon was created in response to the United States military's request for a 9 mm pistol to replace the M1911. The Model 39 was not selected, but it underwent a few design changes and became the Model 908 ; the 908 was adopted by a number of police departments to upgrade their aging revolvers. The Smith & Wesson 908 functions best when regularly cleaned and lubricated.

Eject the magazine, and sharply pull the slide to the rear to unload the firearm. Hold the slide to the rear, inspect the chamber, ensure that it is clear and then release the slide.

Push the safety selector forward to the "fire" position.

Pull the slide back, until the slide-stop notch is lined up with the front portion of the rounded-off slide catch.

Push the slide-catch pin into the right side of the frame. Grasp the catch firmly from the left side, and pull it out.

Allow the slide to move forward gently until the spring tension is relieved. Pull it off the front of the frame.

Set aside the frame. Turn the slide upside down so you can see the recoil spring.

Compress the recoil spring slightly; lift it up and out of the frame.

Lift the barrel up by the rear, and pull it out of the frame.