How to Field Strip a Socom 16

The Socom 16 is manufactured by the Springfield Armory and is another version of their popular M1A series weapon. The Socom 16 features a 16 inch barrel, which is the shortest barrel for a rifle allowed by Federal law in the U.S according to Springfield-Armory.com. As with all rifles, the Socom 16 must be properly cleaned and maintained to ensure optimal performance in the field. This process includes field stripping the rifle down to its basic parts for periodic cleaning.

Unload the weapon completely and remove the magazine. Look inside the chamber to ensure that no ammunition is present.

Pull the operating rod handle to the rear then release to close the action and send the bolt forward.

Place the rifle on a flat surface with the barrel pointed in a safe direction. Turn the rifle so that the magazine well is facing up. Grab the front end of the trigger guard with your left hand then hold the rear end with your right forefinger and thumb. Pull the trigger guard up and out until it's removed from the weapon. Wiggle and pull the trigger guard slightly if it feels stuck.

Turn the rifle over so that the sights are facing up. Pull the operating rod handle to the rear until the rod's inner guide lug is in line with the grooved disassembly notch located on the right side of the receiver. Turn the operating rod up then out and simultaneously pull it fully to the rear to remove it from the weapon.

Grab the bolt roller guide. Slide the bolt roller forward while simultaneously rotating the roller counterclockwise and lifting up and out of the weapon. This action removes the bolt and roller from the receiver and completes the field stripping process. You're now ready to clean the rifle.


  • Do not disassemble the bolt carrier group. The bolt can only be disassembled by using specially designed tools. If damaged or reassembled incorrectly this could result in damage to the firearm or physical injury.


  • Clean your weapon after every use to ensure that it stays clean. This will prevent powder from freezing onto the barrel or inside the receiver.