How to Field Strip a Ruger P89 for Cleaning

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One of the most reliable firearms to own is a Ruger P89. Ruger is known for manufacturing high quality handguns, revolvers, and rifles. The Ruger P89 can withstand more than 10,000 rounds before it needs any servicing. Its appearance can be quite intimidating, especially the two toned gun metal gray/stainless model. At the range it has above average accuracy and can fire any type of ammunition load you feed it. It is a heavy and bulky handgun, but is built like a champ. It comes with a high capacity 15-round magazine, which is illegal in California and some other states. P89 models are no longer made, so it is rare to find one brand spanking new. The Ruger P89 will last you a lifetime with regular maintenance. You should at least know how to field strip one for cleaning.

Items you will need

  • Ruger P89DC

  • Gun Cleaning Kit

  • 15-20 minutes

Step 1

Make sure the Ruger P89 is unloaded. Keep the gun pointed in a safe direction; preferably the ground. Cock back the slide to see if there is a bullet in the chamber. Even if you never keep a round in the chamber, always double-check!

Step 2

Pull the slide back and push the slide stop upward with your thumb. This will keep the slide of the pistol in an open position. Once again, observe the chamber to make sure it is empty.

Step 3

Maintain upward pressure with your thumb on the slide stop to keep it from slamming forward. You can injure your fingers from the spring tension when the slide slams shut. Insert your finger through the top of the slide opening and push the ejector downward and forward to lock it in its lowered position. Doing this will free the slide by letting it slide forward to disassemble.

Step 4

Grip the slide tightly with the hand you used to lock the ejector, and slowly allow the slide to move forward with your tightly gripped hands to guide it until the retainer pin is aligned with the slide stop notch. Push the slide stop knob on the right side of the gun to allow you to pull on the slide stop lever from the left side of the gun to lock it in its withdrawn position. Remember not to pull the slide stop completely out of the frame.

Step 5

Push the Ruger P89 slide forward and remove the entire slide assembly towards the front of the pistol.

Step 6

View the slide upside down and lift the end of the guide rod to free it from its seat on the barrel lug. Withdraw the spring and guide rod towards the back of the slide. Remember that the spring is under tension, so take it easy!

Step 7

Pull the barrel upward and out towards the rear. This is the last step to field stripping a Ruger P89; remember to keep all parts in front of you, preferably on a cloth rag, to keep the Ruger P89 parts from getting damaged and to keep your work table clean from the pistol oil.

Step 8

With your Ruger P89 disassembled, you can clean the parts. Be sure not to lose or drop any of the parts. You can buy a gun cleaning kit from any gun shop or outdoor sports store. Read the cleaning instructions before attempting to clean your Ruger P89 because there is a possibility you can damage it with improper cleaning.

Step 9

To reassemble your gun, be sure that the chamber and magazine is empty.

Step 10

Hold the slide upside down and replace the barrel and push it rearward to its locked position.

Step 11

Replace the guide rod and recoil spring assembly making sure the smaller end of the spring is against the collar.

Step 12

Make sure the ejector is in its lowered position and the firing pin in its uncocked position.

Step 13

Replace the slide on the Ruger P89 frame.

Step 14

Pull the slide back slowly until you can push the slide stop all the way through the right side of the frame.

Step 15

Let the slide move forward freely on its own accord.

Step 16

Replace the magazine in the butt end of the grips to return the ejector rod to its normal state. That completes the entire field-strip process for the Ruger P89.


  • Make sure there are no children playing around your work area just to be safe.
  • Always make sure your firearm is not loaded -- Check it!
  • Do not lose any of the parts when disassembling any firearm.
  • Do your research on how to clean your firearm.
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