Evinrude 200 Vindicator Specs

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The Vindicator 200 was an 6-cylinder outboard motor produced by Evinrude in the mid-1990s. This hefty outboard motor was designed for sport fishing and other heavy-duty applications. It frequently found service on competition bass boats, because it could quickly drive the boat from location to location, maximizing the time spent actually fishing.

General Design

The Vindicator 200 is a 2-stroke, 6-cylinder engine designed for outboard use.

Performance Specifications

The Vindicator 200 delivers 200 hp. At wide-open throttle, it runs at a minimum of 5,000 rpm and a maximum of 6,000 rpm.

Mechanical Specifications

The engine has a 1.86:1 gear ratio. Its driveshaft is fabricated with 15 splines.

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