How do I Unlock a RedHead Gun Safe?

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RedHead manufactures a line of outdoor gear including apparel, wild game calls, shotgun scopes, footwear and a line of gun safes. These fireproof gun safes have room for storing shotguns, handguns and other valuables. RedHead equips its line of gun safes with either electronic keypad locks or mechanical combination dial locks to keep your guns secure. Store your firearms in a RedHead gun safe to keep them from falling into the wrong hands and unlock when ready to use.

Electronic (Keypad) Lock

Punch in your numeric passcode on the keypad located on the gun safe's front door.

Turn the wheel clockwise until you've completed a full revolution.

Pull the wheel toward you to open the door.

Mechanical Combination (Dial) Lock

Turn the dial on the combination lock until "0" sits directly under the arrow.

Spin the dial clockwise until the first number of your combination sits directly under the arrow.

Rotate the dial counterclockwise until the second number of your combination is directly under the arrow.

Turn the dial clockwise until the third number of your combination is directly under the arrow.

Pull on the door handle to open the gun safe.


  • If you forget your combination or passcode, or if the keypad experiences a mechanical failure, you must call a locksmith in order to unlock the safe.
  • After entering too many incorrect passcodes on the keypad, the keypad beeps and flashes a red light. This lasts for approximately three minutes. After three minutes, the keypad resets and you may enter the passcode again. This does not apply to RedHead gun safes with mechanical combination locks--you may enter an unlimited number of erroneous combinations and the unit will not beep.