How Do I Tie a Braid to a Monofilament?

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Connecting braided line to monofilament is a common issue for anglers. The lines have different characteristics and slip with many of the common knots. Braided line is flexible and thin and monfilament is stiff and large in diameter. Connecting braided line to monofilament is often desired when building a clear leader for clear-water fishing. Proper knots must be used to build a secure connection and prevent losing valuable fish and lures. The two materials may be connected with a swivel, but several knots are effective.

Grab the end of the monofilament line and fold it to make a loop. Pinch the loop to hold it in place while you manipulate the braided line.

Grab the end of the braided line and feed it through the monofilament loop. Wrap the end of the braided line around the base of the monofilament loop, immediately above the pinching point.

Make an additional seven wraps of braided line around the monofilament loop. Work the wraps from the pinching point towards the end of the loop.

Feed the end of the braided line through the monofilament loop after the wraps are complete. Pull the braided line and monofilament line in opposite directions to tighten the knot. Push on the wraps with your fingers to make adjustments and maintain a tight knot.

Clip the tag end of the monofilament and braided line with line clippers or scissors. Clip the tags flush to the knot to maintain a skinny profile that slides though the guides without jamming the line.


  • The nail knot and triple surgeon's knot are also used to connect braided line to monofilament, but the albright knot does not slip when properly tied.


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