How to Do a Snow Camo Paint Job

Whether hunting in a snow-covered area or just trying to conceal something, the right paint job is crucial. Snow camouflage is generally employed in this type of situation and will keep you or your items concealed when the weather is frosty and white.

Spray the entire item that you wish to camouflage with the black and gray spray paint in a striped pattern to create a base. You can make the stripes as large or small as you wish.

Let the paint dry.

Using the branches and leaves as makeshift stencils, place them against the item being painted and spray with the white spray paint, leaving black and gray leaf and branch outlines on the item.

Repeat this process until the item is mostly white with gray and black highlights.


  • Always paint in a well-ventilated area.


  • Using regional foliage helps the item to blend into the particular area that you will be in.

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