How Do I Mount a Scope on a Red Ryder?

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Red Ryder BB guns are one of the top-selling BB guns on the market. A scope upgrade can help set your Red Ryder apart when target practicing or small-game hunting. The Red Ryder is not specifically designed for mounting a scope as there is no mounting rail on the barrel. This does not mean that it cannot be done. The difference between mounting a scope on a Red Ryder and other air rifles outfitted with proper mount rails or slots is that the scope will have to be glued to the barrel.

Purchase a Scope and Mount

Purchase a scope and scope mount for your Red Ryder. Most large department stores with sporting goods departments carry the Red Ryder. Find a scope mount that matches the barrel. Scope mounts generally come in different sizes so that they are adaptable for a variety of scopes.

Take Safety Precautions

Check your Red Ryder BB gun loading chamber to make sure it is unloaded. Inspect your gun thoroughly and dry shoot it at a safe target before doing any maintenance or repair to ensure it is free of BB’s. Place your Red Ryder so that it is pointing in a safe direction. Never mount your scope on your Red Ryder when it is pointing at anyone. Secure your Red Ryder in a vise for installing your scope.

Prepare Your Gun

Clean the barrel of the gun where you will mount the scope. Soap and water are all you really need to use for this. Dry the barrel with a clean towel. Determine exactly where you want the scope to be positioned. You should not have to bend your neck or extend your shoulders to look into your scope. You want to mount your scope in a position where it feels natural to look through. Mark the position of your scope mounts on the barrel of the gun, using a pencil.

Mount Your Scope

Apply glue to the bottom part of the scope mount and press onto the barrel. Use a clamp or rubber bands to hold the mounts in place while the glue sets. Place scope in the mount, position the scope to where you want it and screw on the top part of the mounts.

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