How to Do an Oil Change on an E-Z-Go Golf Cart

How to Do an Oil Change on an E-Z-Go Golf Cart

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E-Z-Go golf carts are among the most popular golf carts manufactured today; they are known for their smooth operation and for their ability to navigate minor off-road terrain. Gasoline-powered E-Z-Gos feature an internal combustion engine very similar to those on passenger vehicles. Like traditional engines, you must change the E-Z-Go’s oil at regular intervals to prolong the life of the engine. E-Z-Go recommends changing the engine oil twice a year, or every 125 hours of operation.

Items you will need

  • Lint-free rag

  • Oil drain pan

  • Wrench

  • Engine degreaser and paintbrush, or compressed air

  • Funnel

  • 10W-30 grade engine oil

Step 1

Start the engine and allow it to warm. Park the golf cart on a level surface, apply the parking brake and remove the ignition key.

Step 2

Clean the top of the engine’s oil cap, as well as the area immediately surrounding the cap, with a lint-free rag to avoid having potentially harmful debris inadvertently enter the engine when the oil cap is removed.

Step 3

Place an oil drain pan underneath the oil filter. The oil filter is located within a triangular metal housing and is attached to the engine with three bolts.

Step 4

Remove the oil filter’s three retaining bolts with a wrench, then pull the filter out of the engine and allow the oil to drain into the pan. Do not lose the large rubber O-ring that surrounds the filter.

Step 5

Clean the oil filter with either an engine degreaser, available at most automotive parts stores, or with compressed air. If using a degreaser, brush the degreaser onto the filter with a paintbrush and allow it to air dry. If using compressed air, direct the air through the filter at no more than 30 pounds per square inch, and from a distance not less than 3 inches.

Step 6

Wipe the area surrounding the engine’s oil filter mount with a lint-free rag, then slide the oil filter into place within the engine and install the filter’s three retaining bolts with a wrench.

Step 7

Twist off the engine’s oil cap from the top of the engine, and insert a funnel into the opening. Pour 10W-30 grade engine oil into the funnel in small increments, periodically stopping to check the fluid level on the engine’s oil dipstick. The dipstick has two lines and the letter “F” stamped into it. The line just under the letter “F” represents the full mark, while the bottom line represents the minimum quantity of oil the engine requires to safely operate. Pour oil into the funnel until the oil level on the dipstick is between the two lines.

Step 8

Remove the funnel from the oil cap opening, and install the oil cap.


  • Because you must change the oil when the engine is warm, and because engine oil is toxic, always wear heavy gloves and eye protection while changing the oil.
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