How Do I Install the Water Pump on a 7.5 HP Mercury Motor?

How Do I Install the Water Pump on a 7.5 HP Mercury Motor?

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Installing a water pump on your 7.5 HP Mercury outboard motor is a straightforward process best undertaken as part of inspection or other maintenance of your motor's lower unit. It may also become part of your preparations for long-term storage during the off-season. The pump is located directly atop the motor's lower unit and the pump's impeller is driven directly by the motor's driveshaft. Organizing the parts in the order you install them simplifies the process.

Items you will need

  • Water pump rebuild kit

  • Bench vise

  • White marine grease

  • Torque wrench

Set the motor's lower unit upright in a bench vise. Slide the gasket face plate and the lower fiber washer, both from the water pump rebuild kit, downward on the driveshaft to the water pump's base plate. Lightly touch white marine grade grease onto the Woodruff key which you removed from the driveshaft with the old water pump, to keep it in place in the key-way on the driveshaft.

Align the key-way in the impeller with the Woodruff key on the driveshaft and slide the impeller down the driveshaft. Press the impeller into place with the keyway aligned. Slip the upper fiber washer onto the driveshaft and slide it down on top of the impeller.

Lubricate the inner pump surface and the new O-ring with marine grease and fit the O-ring to the bottom of the pump's cover. Slide the cover onto and down the driveshaft to the impeller. Press down on the pump cover while rotating the driveshaft clockwise to seat the cover on the plate.

Apply a thread-locker to the threads on the pump's four bolts and thread the bolts into place. Torque the bolts to 50 pound-inches.

Apply white marine grease to a new water pump tube seal from the pump kit and push the seal into the recess in the water pump cover. Slide the water tube guide over the seal.


  • The water pump screw holes are offset. The holes in the gasket and plate only line up one way.
  • Never re-use an impeller.
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