Ideas for Building a DIY Gun Rack

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One of the most important aspects of owning a gun is how it is kept and handled by its owner. Keeping guns in solid gun racks will help to make them last and in a safe place where you always know they will be. Gun racks also keep guns from tipping over and being damaged or discharging suddenly, endangering those around you. You can follow some steps to build a do-it-yourself gun rack.


A gun rack can be made rather simply, as a stand-alone piece of furniture or just as an addition to an area in the house or a garage or closet--wherever it's a safe place to store guns. Assuming you are storing rifles or shotguns in your gun rack, the base of each gun could sit on the floor and be secured by its barrel by a wooden piece which hangs around it. A piece of wood about the size and thickness of a 2x4 should be cut to the length of the number of guns you want to store and then have divots of about 2 1/2 inches deep cut out of it--for each barrel of each gun it will hold. The piece of wood will look like a large wooden comb when you are done cutting it, with widely spaced wooden teeth.

Attach this piece of wood to the wall, and the gun's barrels will fit into the grooves you have cut. With another piece of wood or metal, attach a small hinge to one end of the piece of wood and place it across these wooden openings, so there is no chance of the guns falling out of the homemade gun rack. This can be locked on the other end.


Where the simple homemade gun rack you build is set up is another important thing to consider. Placing it in an area where children and strangers won't have access to it will narrow your options of places to install it. Consider an existing closet that is rarely used and which you don't mind putting a padlock or deadbolt lock on so only people with keys can have access. Parts of the garage which you only have access to might be another good idea, but the constant heating and cooling of garages might affect the guns and their ammunition over time.

Another Idea

Guns don't have to stand up in a gun rack. They can be laid out from one support to the other on installed supports in the wall. By purchasing cheap but strong metal shelf supports and some good hardware, as many secure gun racks as you need can be installed on the wall of any room in which you feel it is safe to store guns. These will keep guns off the floor and also standing alone in one place. Just make sure you are the only person who has easy access to them.