How to Display a Gun Collection

In the popular hobby of gun collection, one of the most important and rewarding aspects of gun acquisition is display. Finding the right display area and cases for your gun collection can help show off your collection and protect you and your investment. Gun display areas are a popular addition to any gun collector's den, library, study, sitting room, basement, garage or recreation area.

Display Your Gun Collection

Match your gun display area to the d├ęcor of your home. After you choose which areas of your living space to display your gun collection, decide what kind of colors, wood, design and size options fit your house and collection needs.

Hang guns in a gun display rack. Gun display racks can be mounted from the wall or ceiling, and provide onlookers the ability to view a gun at a slight distance. Gun display racks typically store guns horizontally.

Display your gun collection in a locking display cabinet with glass doors. The glass doors and lock provide secure and effective display. Display cabinets can be used for any sized gun collection and can even be specially designed to suit your particular needs.

Use gun hooks to display smaller guns that can be hung from the wall. A gun hook allows a gun collection to be hung in a unique manner and enables you to spread your collection through different rooms in the house. A gun hook exposes one entire side of the gun and can also be utilized inside of a gun display case.

Stand guns on a gun stand to display the entire piece. Gun stands can be fashioned as single gun display cases with a glass box around the stand to showcase one special or rare gun in a collection.

Build your gun display in a gun room. A gun room is designed as a secure area that is only opened to view the gun collection inside. Gun rooms provide a large locked area for precious guns that can hold a variety of gun display options and has the capacity to hold a very large collection.


  • Make guns and all gun parts inaccessible to children. Lock gun storage areas and hide keys to ensure safety at all times.
  • Store ammunition for your gun collection away from the gun storage area or in a locked cabinet for safety reasons. Separate ammunition storage makes weapons safe from children and intruders.

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