How to Dismantle an Abu Garcia REVO Reel

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The Abu Garcia REVO reel comes with rather abbreviated disassembly instructions from the factory. A user going by the handle of ReelMech on the Bass Fishing Forums at has offered advice that should cover the gaps in the provided information.

Items you will need

  • No. 1 Phillips head screwdriver

  • No. 2 Phillips head screwdriver


Loosen thumbscrews. Remove palming plate by rotating.

Remove spool. Slide spool from spindle.

Remove Phillips head body screw from race. Screw is located near the hole for the pinion gear. Take care to not strip this screw.

Remove all crank-side accessories and the two remaining Phillips screws.

Grab and lift the threaded area for the cast control cap and pull off the crank plate.


  • Be careful not to strip the threads or the head of the Phillips head body screws.


  • This is for major cleaning or maintenance. All the oil points on the reel are accessible without disassembly.
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