How to Disassemble a Walther PPKS 380

The Walther PPKS is a version of the famous PPK pistol that has been slightly modified to meet the legal import requirements in the United States created by the Gun Control Act of 1968. In order to meet these legal requirements, Walther took the barrel and slide from the PPK and added it to a modified PP frame to create the PPKS. Disassembly of the PPKS is very similar to that of the PPK and requires no tools.

Eject the magazine and rack the slide to clear any remaining ammunition from the chamber of the pistol.

Pull the trigger guard downward firmly. The front of the trigger guard should rotate away from the frame.

Press the trigger guard firmly to the left to prevent it from being pushed back up into the frame.

Pull the slide back until the rear slide rails clear the frame and then lift up the rear of the slide.

Push the slide forward forward gently until all of the tension is removed from the recoil spring and then pull it off the barrel.

Pull the recoil spring off the front of the barrel.