How to Disassemble a Sig Sauer Mosquito

How to Disassemble a Sig Sauer Mosquito

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The Sig Sauer Mosquito, a .22 caliber model based on the popular P226, only 10 percent smaller, is a well-made, reliable, small round, self-loading, repeating pistol. Field stripping the Mosquito for the purposes of cleaning, fault diagnosis or any other reason can be done quickly and easily in a variety of environments. Follow the steps in the correct order to prevent any damage to the pistol. user.

Unload your pistol. Remove the magazine by depressing the release button located to the rear of the trigger guard and cycle the slide to ensure no rounds are chambered.

Rotate the slide release lever forward by turning it in a clockwise motion so that it points toward the barrel. The slide release lever is located above the trigger on the left side of the pistol.

Pull the slide all the way to the rear and lift up, then slide the slide and internal assembly forward to release. With the slide released, you can remove the recoil spring and spring guide from the slide frame. Clean all surfaces that are accessible with the cleaning kit and lubricants included with your pistol. Reassemble in an opposite order to disassembly.


  • Always treat a pistol as loaded even when you know it is not. Never point a gun at a person and only in a safe direction, loaded or not.
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