How to Disassemble a Remington 740

How to Disassemble a Remington 740

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The Remington 740 is a pump-action, .30-06 center-fire rifle. No longer manufactured, the 740 originally came stock with an open sight was not bored for scope mounting. Remington later changed this and the 740 was distributed with open sights and borings for a scope. Disassembly of the 740 requires a few tools, but the process is not difficult. Once stripped, the 740 has a large, open frame that is simple to clean.

Depress the button forward of the trigger guard on the right side of the frame. Pull the pump-action forward stock back. Look into the discharge port. Inspect the chamber and the magazine assembly. Make sure there are no rounds in the rifle. Never disassemble any rifle that is loaded.

Punch out the trigger assembly pins located on the frame of the Remington 740 above the trigger guard. Use a punch and a ball-peen hammer. Punch them out from the left side. Force the pins through the frame of the rifle and out the right side. Do not hammer them out. Tap them out gently. Pull the trigger assembly out of the rifle from the bottom of the frame.

Remove the 1-1/2 inch cap on the end of the tube action with a standard screwdriver. The cap is located under the barrel in front of the fore stock. Twist the cap counter clockwise.

Punch the barrel secure pin out of the frame. It is located behind the fore stock, on the frame, on the right-hand side. Tap it through from the right side to the left. Hold the frame of the rifle and the fore stock. Separate the two and pull them apart. Pull the action tube out of the fore stock. Unscrew the nut at the end of the fore stock with a flat head screwdriver. Pull the fore stock off the action.

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