How to Disassemble a Llama 1911

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The Llama 1911 is a Spanish-made clone of the Colt M1911 semi-automatic pistol. The pistol was produced for several years with varying levels of quality, fit and finish. These guns are found on the used market and are lower-priced than most M1911 clones. Regular maintenance is required to keep them running in reliable condition. This includes field stripping after use to clean and oil the barrel, slide and frame.

    Push the magazine release and remove the magazine. Rack the slide and check the chamber to ensure there are no live rounds.

    Click the thumb safety up to lock the slide. Push in on the recoil spring plug under the barrel and turn the barrel bushing clockwise.

    Slowly release the pressure on the recoil spring plug until there is no tension, and then remove the plug.

    Pull the recoil spring out of the frame, then turn the barrel bushing all the way counterclockwise and pull the bushing out of the frame.

    Click the thumb safety down to disengage it. Pull the slide back and align the takedown notch with the slide stop lever.

    Push in on the slide stop lever from the right side of the frame, then pull it out of the frame from the left side.

    Pull the slide forward off of the frame. Turn the slide upside down and pull the barrel out of the slide from the front of the slide.


    • Although the Llama 1911 clone looks similar to a real M1911, parts are not interchangeable.


    • Never point a weapon at anything you don't intend to shoot or kill.

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