How to Disassemble a Giant Bike Crankset

How to Disassemble a Giant Bike Crankset

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Giant Bicycles makes a range of bikes for various purposes. The company produces road, mountain, cross country and touring bicycles. Giant uses Shimano and SRAM component groups, depending on the bike and its purpose. The cranks attach to the bicycle at the bottom bracket and have a set of two to three chain rings on the right-hand-side crank. Remove the cranks from the bicycle and then the chain rings from the cranks.

Items you will need

  • Bike work stand

  • Chain tool

  • Two 8-mm Allen wrenches

  • 5-mm Allen wrench

Place the Giant bicycle into the bike work stand. Shift the gears to get the chain on the large chain ring and the small gear in the rear wheel.

Place the chain tool over one link in the chain. Turn the chain tool's handle clockwise until the chain breaks apart as a result of the link pin being pushed out of the chain. Remove the chain from the bicycle.

Insert one 8-mm wrench into the center hex nut on the cranks and place the other wrench in the hex nut on the opposite side. Use opposing force to loosen and unscrew the nut. Remove the nut and pull the cranks off the bicycle.

Turn over the right-side crank to find the four or five 5-mm hex screws holding the chain rings to the crank arms. Unscrew the hex screws until the chain rings come off the crank arms.

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