How to Disassemble a Franchi Renaissance

by Charles Clay

The Franchi Renaissance is an over/under shotgun designed for hunting and sport shooting. It is an Italian piece available in 12, 20 and 28 gauge models. Franchi pieces are known for their elaborately decorated receivers, which require some care to disassemble without damaging the engraved surfaces. However, the entire gun can be disassembled using only a few common tools.

Main Body and Receiver

  1. Check to make sure the gun is not loaded. Lock the action open and engage the safety. Place slight rearward pressure on the barrel while unscrewing and removing the magazine end cap. Remove the barrel and forend by sliding them gently towards the front of the gun.

  2. Remove the friction piece from the magazine tube. Remove the compression ring and the recoil spring from inside the magazine tube. Depress the carrier latch button and ease the bolt forward. Push out the two trigger group retaining pins using a punch awl. Remove the trigger assembly by pulling it downward out of the receiver.

  3. Depress the bolt spring using a flathead screwdriver and swing the bolt spring strut down and out of the receiver. Move the bolt handle to the rear until it comes free from the bolt. Remove the bolt assembly by pulling it straight out of the front of the receiver. Remove the bolt handle through the ejection port.

  4. Remove the buttplate screws using a flathead screwdriver and remove the buttplate. Remove the stock mounting bolt using a flathead screwdriver. Unscrew the threaded plug at the rear of the spring housing to remove the bolt spring and plunger.

  5. Depress the vertical pin retaining the carrier latch inside the lower edge of the receiver using a flathead screwdriver. Pull the clip out through the rear of the receiver. Note: Unless this system specifically needs to be repaired, it is best left in place. It is not necessary to remove the clip during ordinary cleaning.

  6. Gently tap out the bolt spring strut pivot using a nylon hammer. Slide the strut out through the rear of the bolt assembly. Remove the locking block lever and its spring by depressing the cross pin with a flathead screwdriver. Turn the locking block upward until the right-side guide rib clears the track, then remove it. Remove the carrier plunger and spring, controlling the plunger spring as it is removed.

Trigger Group

  1. Remove the safety plunger and spring toward the rear, then pull the safety button out toward either side. Remove the sleeve that housed the safety plunger and slide the auto safety up and out of the rear of the trigger group.

  2. Unhook the sear and trigger lever spring from its post and remove it. Push the sear pin out using a punch awl and remove the sear upward. Push out the trigger pin toward the left using a punch awl and remove the trigger upward through the trigger assembly.

  3. Restrain the hammer against its spring and pull the hammer straight to the left. When it comes free, ease the hammer, plunger and spring upward out of the trigger assembly.

Items you will need

  • Punch awl
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Nylon hammer


  • Be careful not to let metal tools touch the outside case of the receiver. The embossed surface is easily scratched by punch awls or screwdrivers if care is not taken.


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