How to Disassemble a Beretta 92FS

How to Disassemble a Beretta 92FS

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To disassemble a Beretta 92FS (or M9), no special tools are required. Field stripping this pistol requires less than 3 minutes. Disassembly of the Beretta 92FS caliber pistol is required for the maintenance and repair of this model 9 mm pistol. Once the M9 is disassembled, the guts are exposed. As with most slide-action pistols, the Beretta 92FS should be disassembled, cleaned, oiled and inspected regularly. Proper maintenance of the M9 ensures safe firing and longevity.

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Point the pistol away from yourself. Depress the magazine release button on the left of pistol's handle, behind the trigger. Remove the magazine.

With the pistol facing away from your body, pull the slide back, look in the barrel's chamber and check for a round that may be lodged in the chamber. Ensure the Beretta M9 is empty.

Depress the disassembly latch button on the right side of the 92FS. Keep the disassembly latch button engaged and rotate the disassembly latch lever on the opposite side of pistol clockwise 90 degrees. Release the disassembly latch button.

Pull the slide forward and off the front of the pistol's frame. Set the pistol's frame aside.

Press forward on the recoil spring-guide rod and release the spring and guide rod from the underside of the slide. After you separate the spring and guide rod from the slide, slowly release the tension from the spring.

Remove the spring-guide rod from the interior of the spring and set both the guide rod and spring aside.

Press down on the locking block button. Remove the locking block and barrel from the slide.

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