Directions for Setting Up a 10x20 ShelterLogic Canopy

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A temporary shelter like the ShelterLogic Canopy comes in handy for the temporary storage of vehicles, tools or other goods, for use on extended camping trips or for special outdoor events like craft fairs or weddings. The 10-by-20-foot Canopy models come in two varieties, one with six legs and one with eight. It won't take long for you to set them up for whatever you have planned.

Items you will need

  • Hammer or mallet

  • Stepladder

Step 1

Lay out all the pieces of the roof frame on the ground where you intend to set up the shelter, placing each piece in its proper position relative to the others.

Step 2

Assemble the roof frame in place. The swedged (tapered) edges of the swedge poles fit into the cross poles at the crimp marks.

Step 3

Assemble the six leg assemblies, putting together each set by connecting two leg poles and one base.

Step 4

Insert the leg assemblies into one side of the roof frame. Let the other side of the roof frame rest on the ground as you do this. Then, insert the other set of leg assemblies into place on the other side of the shelter.

Step 5

Anchor the frame of the six-legged model to the ground at the four corners using the spike anchors and guide ropes, tying the ends of the guide ropes around the frame corners. For the eight-legged model, insert one anchor through the holes in each of the eight base feet. The manufacturer notes that the spike anchors are meant for temporary use and should be replaced with permanent anchoring if the shelter will be in place for a long period.

Step 6

Place the roof cover over the frame, grommet panels facing down and aligned with the cross panels, and secure the roof cover to the frame at the four corners with the bungees. Put the remaining bungees in place by inserting the ends of the cords through the grommets and then securing it over the ball end of the bungee.

Step 7

Adjust the bungees on the cross poles, ensuring a snug and proper fit. On each corner, wrap the bungee with an S-hook around the corner leg pole, securing the bungee to the pole by inserting the S-hook into the appropriate hole on the pole. Twist each leg pole equally toward the shelter's inside to tighten the roof cover.