What Are the Different Models of Glock Guns?

What Are the Different Models of Glock Guns?

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Glock, Inc. produces 21 different models of handguns, varying in caliber from the small .38 cal to the large bore .45 ACP. All models of Glock pistols are equipped with the "safe-action" system, a series of three safeties that disengage as the trigger is pulled and re-engage immediately after the weapon is fired. Glock has a model to fit any situation or shooting style.

Glock "C" Models

There are eight models of Glock handguns known as as compensator models, or "C" models. These pistols have been equipped with open slits in the barrel and on the upper receiver. These slits act as vents for escaping gases, which compensate for the recoil---when the recoil pushes the weapon up, the gases push it down. The compensator models are designed for accuracy during rapid fire.

Glock Competition Models

Competition models are equipped with longer barrels (5.32 inches) and have a longer distance between the front and rear sights, allowing for greater accuracy. There are two competition models---the G34 (9mm) and the G35 (.40 cal).

Glock Standard Models

These models are designed for general use and feature a 4.49 inch barrel. Standard models include the G17 (9mm), G22 (.40cal), G20 (10mm), G37 (.45 GAP), G21 (.45 ACP), and the G31 (.357). Models G17, G22, G20, G21 and G31 are also available as "C" models.

Glock Compact Models

The compact models are designed with concealed carry in mind, but are also appropriate for open carry. They have 4.02-inch barrels and provide maximum firepower with limited dimensions. The compact models include the G19 (9mm), G23 (.40 cal), G38 (.45 GAP), G25 (.380 cal), and the G32 (.357). The G19, G23, and G32 model also come as "C" models.

Glock Sub-Compact Models

The Glock sub-compact models, or "baby" Glocks, are designed specifically for concealed carry and feature 3.46-inch barrels. The subcompact models are: the G26 (9mm), G27 (.40 cal), G29 (10mm), G39 (.45 GAP), G30 (.45 ACP), G38 (.380 cal), and the G33 (.357). Included in the subcompact category is the G36 "slim-line" (.45 ACP), which comes with a single stack magazine to keep its width to a minimum.

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