What Is the Difference between a Travel Trailer & a Park Trailer?

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There is a difference between a travel trailer and a park trailer. Although both are towed behind a vehicle, they are in different classes of RVs and serve very different functions.

Definition of Travel Trailer

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A travel trailer is a recreational vehicle (RV) that is towed behind a car or truck. It is used for temporary vacationing and frequent travel.

Types of Travel Trailers

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Travel trailers range in length from 10 feet to 45 feet. They can be as simple as a pop-up camper or elaborate as a high-end fifth-wheel camper with a washer and dryer.

Definition of a Park Trailer

A park trailer is more like a mobile home than a travel trailer. It is towed behind a large vehicle like a truck or SUV. They are not made to travel often.

Park Trailer Uses

A park trailer is designed to stay in one area for an extended period of time. Many senior citizens use park trailers to go to a warm destination in winter, then pack up and go to a cooler area in the summer.


People who travel often will prefer a travel trailer. Those who like to stay in one area for months at a time will prefer a park trailer. Park trailers usually cost more than travel trailers.


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