How to Determine the Year of a Yamaha Gas Golf Cart

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Yamaha golf carts are among the most common, but they are also the most difficult to find information on. Yamaha models change only slightly in appearance from year to year, making easy identification nearly impossible. While other golf cart manufacturers embed important data into their serial numbers, Yamaha's codes offer nothing regarding the year of production. Like dog tags and fingerprints, they are highly individualized. Also, the company has changed the location of the serial number multiple times. All this makes it very difficult to ascertain the year a Yamaha golf cart was made.

Look for the serial number inside the front cabin. In the early 1990s, Yamaha started placing the plate or sticker either upon the front rubber molding or underneath the glove box.

Check an alternate location if you cannot find the serial number. In the late 1980s, Yamaha placed the serial number on the floorboard underneath the seat. Lift the seat to get a look.

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Examine beneath the rear bumper if the first two steps fail. Yamaha placed serial numbers there in its early models. With some carts it will be necessary to pull the release switch to access the rear section.

Write the serial number on a piece of paper.

Go to a website that lists the primary identification codes for Yamaha golf carts (see Resources). Scan the tables for possible matches with your serial number. The code JN6, for example, appears in the serial number of all G16 gas carts. Likewise, all G19 electrical carts have JR1 in their number.

Request further information from a website devoted to Yamaha golf carts (see References). Many experts run sites about collecting and repairing them, and some have lists of Yamaha's serial numbers over the years. Sending your serial number to them might yield an exact match.


  • Determining the exact year of a Yamaha golf cart is very difficult. The serial numbers offer no information on make or model. A thorough examination of historical tables might provide some clue, but an exact year can only be identified through a lucky match from a collector or expert.


  • Practice patience. Finding the year of Yamaha golf carts is notoriously frustrating. For example, the company places numbers J38 through J55 on all its G2 models. This may mislead owners into an incorrect identification because numbers between J42 and J50 also appear on the G3 and G5 models.


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