How to Determine the Value of Used Outboards

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Before you sell your outboard motor, it's a good idea to research its market value to make sure you get a good price. There are several different ways of determining the value of your outboard motor, most of which are intended as a guide instead of providing a definitive price. Determining the value of your outboard motor is a relatively simple task and should only take a few minutes, depending on the method you choose.

Step 1

Log onto the NADA Guide's website at Click on the first letter of your outboard's manufacturer underneath the "Outboard Motors" text. Select the correct manufacturer if more than one appears and choose the year of manufacture from the next menu. Select your outboard motor from the list of models then click on "Get Used Value" from the next screen. NADA Guides will provide an "Average" and "Low" retail price as an estimate of your motor's value.

Step 2

Go to, and type in your outboard's make, model and year of manufacture into the search box. Look for sellers auctioning the same outboard as yours. Look at the price they are selling to gauge the value of your particular motor. "Buy It Now" prices are likely to provide a better degree of accuracy as some sellers may post a low reserve price to attract bidders.

Step 3

Log onto the Boat Trader website at and search for people selling the same motor as the one you want to value. Complete the form with the details of your own engine then click "Find It" to look up listings. Use the list prices of engines that are the same or similar to yours to provide a rough estimate of the engine's value.

Step 4

Contact used outboard dealers in your area and ask if they can tell you a value for your motor. Some may only provide a valuation if you are selling the motor to them directly while others may charge a fee or choose not to offer prices at all.

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