How to Determine Sizes for Riding Breeches

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Correctly sized riding breeches are key to a comfortable horseback outing. You will sit and ride better if you are wearing the correct size of riding breeches. You can choose from many options and styles when it comes to riding breeches, depending on what type of riding you normally do. Besides comfort, if you take part in competitive riding your clothing should fit perfectly and not provide any sort of distraction for judges. Follow these guidelines to determine the size of riding breeches for you.

Items you will need

  • Tape measure

Determine which style of riding breeches you plan to get. Most breeches come in low-rise or regular fit. Low-rise breeches will rest on your hips rather than your waist.

Use a tape measure to measure around your waist or hips, depending on what style breeches you are buying. Measure around your waist for regular fit breeches; around your hips for low-rise breeches.

Measure your inseam to make sure you order the proper length of breeches. Your inseam is the inside of your leg. Breeches should rest just below the calf muscle. Most manufacturers show inseam lengths. You may have to order long, depending on your inseam measurement.

Order your breeches according to your waist and inseam measurements. Breeches are sold according to waist measurement. You should order the size slightly above your waist measurement. For example, if your waist measure is 25 inches, order the riding breeches in a 26.

Check the fit of your breeches in the store or once you receive them if you ordered online. The breeches should not gap at the waist and the suede patches should fit at your knee.


  • Consider types of material when ordering for comfort. Most breeches come in a cotton/spandex combination or polyester/spandex.
  • Make sure to match your breeches to your show jacket for competition riding.
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