How to Measure Deer Antlers

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There's nothing quite like downing that trophy buck during deer season. Many hunters try to explain to their friends the size of the rack by reaching out their hands or telling how many points it had or by comparing it to last year's, mounted on the wall. Any hunter can accurately measure and score his deer's antlers Learn how to measure your trophy's antlers.

Items you will need

  • Tape measure

How to Measure Deer Antlers

Determine the number of points on each antler by counting. A point must be at least 1-inch long to be considered a true point.

Measure the antlers from tip to tip to determine the spread. Start at the inside of the left main beam and measure to the inside of the right main beam.

Use the tape measure to determine the greatest spread, which is the measurement of the distance between the outward tips.

Take the measurement of the inside spread. This is the distance between the 2 widest points on the antlers.

Get the total lengths of all abnormal points from where they stem from the antlers on both the right and left sides.

Measure the main beam length. Start at the middle of the lowest outside edge of the burr to the outer side of the farthest point on the main beam.

Measure the length of each normal point on each side, both left and right.

Use the tape measure to determine the circumference of each point from the first burr and the first point and up to each additional point. Do this for both sides.

Add all these numbers together to get your deer antler's score.


  • The record for a typical whitetail deer is 170. If yours is close, be sure to contact your state's game department.
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