How to Make Curtains for an RV

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The Rving life on the open road is calling to more and more people these days. Many are buying used travel trailers and giving them a bit of a fix up to get back on the road. New RV curtains are part of that fix up. RV curtains serve many purposes, they block light and noise during the night. During the day they keep heat in during the winter and out during the Summer. You ask a lot of these curtains so it's worth putting some time into making them just right.

When you buy a used travel trailer or your own camper is getting a bit long in the tooth the first step is to look at the colors you have to work with. RV manufacturers generally decorate with a theme of some sort. Are your colors in the creams, or blues or greens? If you are able bring a pillow or head rest cover that will help you pick fabric for your curtains.

With color samples in hand head to your nearest fabric store or online to an RV after market supplier. The fabric store will have a wider selection of colors and patterns but the online RV supplier might have fabric to match what you have already. Purchasing pre-lined fabric will save great amounts of time with this project. Thin fabric might have a pretty pattern but when the sun shines in it will give no protection or modesty to those inside. Imagine sitting out on your RV patio only to glance over and see right into the bedroom of camper next to you courtesy of thin fabric curtains!

If you have them use the previous curtain as your guide in how much fabric to buy. Most used motorhomes come with their old curtains and while you might not want to use them while rving they are the perfect way to figure out how to make your new rv curtains.

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If you don't have any old rv curtains to go by measure the length and width of each window to cover. Consider the rod and any extra hang length you want. Generally you will want to double the window width so you will have fullness to the curtains.

With the fabric and measurements at hand sew a rod pocket on the top and a hem on the bottom. Slip them back on the rod or install spring mounted tension rods sized to each window.

Clip on curtain rings
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Easy no-sew curtains can be made by using fuseable web, an iron and clip on curtain rings. These are fast and easy and look remarkably nice and are easy to open and close.


  • For windows where you feel you want just a bit of extra privacy a small bulldog clip to keep things secure.


  • Match new curtain to current theme in trailer or pick a lined fabric with a print to jazz things up.

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