Crosman 150 Operating Instructions

The Crosman 150 Pellgun was a single-shot pellet pistol produced by Crosman in the mid 1950s. The pistol itself was CO2 powered, and unlike other pistols of the day was only able to fire .22 caliber pellets rather than both BBs and pellets. Because of its age, it can be somewhat difficult to understand how the Crosman 150 is supposed to function, unless you know what you're doing already.

    Unscrew the tube cap on the front of the pistol underneath the barrel.

    Insert the new "Powerlet" cartridge into the tube with the neck facing inwards into the pistol.

    Replace the tube cap.

    Pull back the pistol cocking bar at the back of the pistol to the "Full Power" position. This position is denoted by a second "Click" noise as you pull the bar back.

    Pull the trigger to pierce the CO2 cartridge. The pistol is now prepared for firing.

    Lift up and pull back on the breech bar to expose the firing chamber, then insert a .22 pellet head-first into the chamber. Close the breech once the pellet is in place.

    Push the safety button to the "On" position, then pull back the cocking bar to the desired power level. Your pistol is now loaded and ready to fire. Simply point at your intended target, remove the safety and pull the trigger.


    • NEVER point your Crosman 150 at another person, even if the weapon is unloaded. The 150 is a very powerful air pistol and should be treated with respect at all times.


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