How to Create a Biker Club Patch

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Your biker club has its own motto, a clubhouse and a host of really cool members, but something is still missing. You need a biker club logo patch. Patches serve to unify the club, make members easily identifiable and get your message across in a quick glance. Creating your own biker club logo patch might be simpler than you think with a few logical steps.

Decide on the image you want to portray. Perhaps you want a rough and tumble look. Maybe you want to be seen as mean and nasty. Your biker club could even be more refined or dedicated to helping others. Keep the image in mind as you create the patch.

Pick any text you want as part of the patch. Figure out if you want the club's name or any saying or motto. The rough and tumble club might want it to say "Rough and Tumble." The mean and nasty club might want their name, "The Killers," along with a phrase like "Dare Us." The refined club could go for something softer yet still biker oriented, like "Despite our appearance, we care."

Choose the appropriate font for the text. Rough and tumble works well with jagged block letters. The Killers would do well with a sharp-edged font with blood dripping from the letters. The refined club's text should be a tidy script.

Decide on any illustrations. Choose either freestanding images or one interwoven with the club's name and any text you've chosen. The rough and tumble club could have the letters incorporated into the shape of a motorcycle. The Killers might need something like skulls and daggers. The refined club could get cute with a beat-up teddy bear in biker gear.

Sketch it out. Translate your idea to paper, first sketching any text and then adding the illustrations. Draw a border around your design where the patch will be cut. Borders can be traditional shapes, like circles, squares or rectangles, or can follow along the design you've created.

Choose the colors. Pick colors appropriate to your club or the design. Also decide on a background color for the patch. Most are black, which works well against black leather jackets.

Have it made. Biker patches will look snazzier if they are embroidered rather than printed, but the choice is yours. Find a local company that makes custom patches or go online (see Resources).


  • If you are totally stumped, check out other club's patches for inspiration (see Resources). Keep in mind that common biker club patch illustrations include skulls, eagles and motorcycles. This might help you decide if you want something similar or want to be unique.

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  • Photo by Ryn Gargulinski