How to Cover a Horseshoe Pit

How to Cover a Horseshoe Pit

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Whether it is filled with sand or clay, covering your horseshoe pit will ensure neighborhood animals won't make their mark. Second, you will not have interference from weeds. And if you live somewhere that receives a lot of rainfall, you may be able to keep it dry for when you are ready to play. A tarp or landscaping fabric are both good options, though only a tarp is waterproof.

Items you will need

  • Tarp or landscaping fabric (large enough to cover the horseshoe pit area)

  • Metal shears

Step 1

Measure the horseshoe pit. A large size is 36 by 72 inches; small is 31 by 43 inches.

Step 2

Decide whether you prefer a tarp (waterproof but not as attractive) or landscaping fabric (may blend in with the pit better but not waterproof).

Step 3

You may have landscaping fabric or a tarp in your home already. If not, purchase your selection and cut it to size with metal shears. Aim for a few extra inches on each side.

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