How to Cook Hamburgers Over a Campfire

How to Cook Hamburgers Over a Campfire

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The smells and tastes of food sizzling over an open fire can tantalize hungry campers. When burgers are on the camping menu, start a cozy campfire and use special tools that will hold the patties securely over the hot embers. With careful attention to avoid burning and charring, your burgers will be delicious.

Items you will need

  • Portable metal hamburger grill grate

  • Hamburger patties (about 1 inch thick)

  • Salt and pepper

  • Hamburger buns

  • Paper plates

  • Hamburger condiments

Step 1

Start the campfire with dry wood and kindling. Allow the wood to catch fire and burn until hot embers fill the fire pit -- about 20 to 30 minutes.

Step 2

Place the hamburger patties into the metal hamburger grill grate by opening the top of the grate and placing the patties into the grate. Place the patties in a single layer so they do not touch. Close the portable grate by latching it at the handle.

Step 3

Position the portable grate onto the embers of the fire, holding it tightly by the handle. Do not place the grate so the patties are in a direct flame, or the patties may char. Set the grate so the patties are about four to six inches above the embers in the fire pit.

Step 4

Leave the patties sizzling on the fire for about five to seven minutes.

Step 5

Turn the grate over to cook the other sides of the patties. Place the grate in the same place on the fire so the embers cook the burgers. Cook the hamburgers on the other side for another five to seven minutes.

Step 6

Check the hamburgers to see if they are done to your desire. Depending on the meat you used for your hamburgers, meat has different minimum cooking requirements for safety. According to the USDA Food Safety Inspection Service, you need to cook ground beef and ground pork to a minimum temperature of 160 degrees and ground turkey to a minimum of 165 degrees.

Step 7

Remove the patties from the grate basket after they finish cooking. Transfer the patties to a paper plate and place them onto hamburger buns. Top the hamburgers with condiments before serving.

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