How to Connect a Schwinn Bike Trailer

Using a bike trailer is a great way to get out and about with your small children or pets. You also can use it as a storage trailer for hauling stuff around town. Schwinn, with its decades-long reputation for building quality bikes and accessories, is a natural choice for the maker of your trailer. However, you can have difficulty in trying to connect a Schwinn bike trailer to your bicycle and an even harder time trying to find instructions for it. This is because Schwinn bike trailers are made by a company called InStep.

Step 1

Assemble your Schwinn bike trailer according to the instructions included in the packaging.

Step 2

Back your bicycle up to the trailer so the hitch end of the trailer is lined up with the rear axle of your bicycle. The hitch of the trailer will fall on the left side of your bicycle (the side without the derailleur).

Step 3

Remove the left side axle nut from your bicycle with an open-end box wrench.

Step 4

Fit the trailer hitch over the end of the axle by sliding the axle through the hole cast in the end of the hitch. Tighten the axle nut back into place.


  • Towing a trailer with a bicycle is very different from riding one without, and it is easy to lose your balance and have an accident. Test-drive your bicycle with the trailer attached and enough weight in it to simulate whatever you are going to be carrying (child, pet or material) so you can learn to handle the bike.


  • If you have quick-release tires on your bicycle, grasp the release handle and turn it to the unlocked position. Remove the end cap by spinning it off by hand and then slide the trailer hitch onto the axle and replace the cap.


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