How to Combine Duraflame With Real Logs

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Duraflame firelogs are designed to burn continuously for three to four hours. Combining Duraflame logs with real logs is not recommended because it might exceed the heat rating of your fireplace or create a sudden flare-up as the Duraflame log burns faster than intended because of the added wood. Some, however, like to use Duraflame logs as firestarters for small outdoor fires. When used this way, the Duraflame log essentially takes the place of kindling and tinder.

Items you will need

  • Duraflame firelog

  • Fire pit or fire ring

Place the Duraflame firelog at the bottom of a metal fire ring or sand fire pit. Observe all the usual precautions you'd follow before lighting any fire: Make sure there is no flammable material within the fire ring or close enough to be lit by sparks, and set up a wind screen or wall, if necessary, to protect the fire from gusts of wind that might scatter sparks.

Light the Duraflame firelog at both ends. As the paper catches fire, stack two or three small to midsize logs on either side of the Duraflame, with one end in the sand or on the rock bottom of the firepit and the other end leaning on the Duraflame, as if you were creating an A-frame structure.

Wait until the real logs you stacked on the Duraflame have caught fire before you add any more wood; you might be surprised by how large and long-lasting the fire is. If you must add large logs to the fire, do so one at a time, once both the Duraflame and the real logs have fully caught fire and are burning well.


  • Duraflame recommends against using real logs with Duraflame logs; combining Duraflame with real wood might produce a fire that's hotter than you bargained for or one that flares up unexpectedly. Keep in mind that a fire based on a Duraflame log might burn longer than a real wood fire; don't light it unless you're willing to tend it until the fire is out and the coals are cool.
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