The Best Color Lenses for Shooting Glasses

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For some sportsmen, choosing the color of their shooting glasses is a matter of personal preference, but each color has its advantages, and some colors are best in certain situations. Many shooting glasses come with interchangeable lenses, allowing you to match the color to current conditions. If you are limited to a single color, it's best to choose one that works in a wide range of situations.

Best Overall Lenses

Gray or smoke-colored lenses are effective in the widest range of conditions, making them the best choice if you need to choose a single color. Because gray is a neutral color, gray lenses allow you to see all colors as they really are. Unlike other colors, gray does not enhance the shooting target, so gray lenses simply reduce glare without altering color perception. Gray lenses are best on bright, sunny days.

Best Lenses for Specific Situations

Lens colors other than gray make shooting easier under specific conditions. Warm colors like amber, orange and yellow reduce blue light, which makes them ideal for overcast days and low-light situations. The brightest yellows are best for the dimmest light. Amber lenses improve contrast and depth perception, making them the next-best overall color after gray. Purple and vermilion hues enhance orange targets against green backgrounds, like trees or brush. Clear lenses allow all colors of light to pass through, making them useful for shooting at night.