How to Spotlight Coyotes

How to Spotlight Coyotes

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In states where it is legal, using spotlights to identify and shoot coyotes can be especially effective. These canines are active at night, feeding in agricultural fields and other areas where hunters can target them. The animals generally are less wary at night than they are during the day, so hunting them after dark is a good option. Learning to spotlight them without scaring them off takes some work, but the results often are well worth the effort.

Items you will need

  • 200,000-candlepower spotlight

  • Rechargeable battery

  • Red lens

Charge the battery of your spotlight before heading into the field.

Attach a red lens to the spotlight. The red light allows you to see the eyes of the coyotes, but reduces the likelihood the animal will be spooked by the light.

Choose your hunting location. Agricultural fields and prairie areas where coyotes live are good choices.

Blow a call designed to attract coyotes.

Shine the red light in a circular motion into the field or prairie around you. Move the light slowly and watch for the orange, glowing eyes that indicate a coyote. Slowly point the beam of light toward the ground so it does not shine directly into the coyote's eyes.

Keep just enough light on the coyote that you can see its eyes to track it. Continue making calls from time to time to keep the animal coming toward you.

Point the beam of light directly at the animal once it is within shooting range. Aim your gun at the coyote and pull the trigger.

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