How to Collect Coyote & Fox Urine

How to Collect Coyote & Fox Urine

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Coyote and fox urine is used for trapping and for gardening. The urine attracts the predators but also is effective for deterring deer and other wildlife from your garden. Collecting the urine requires hunting and trapping the animals or the ability to access specimens through another hunter-trapper. Zoos and game farms are also a common source for the urine.

Items you will need

  • Knife

  • Jar

  • Wire cage

  • Collection tray

Live Collecting

Step 1

Keep the domestic coyote or fox in a wire pen with access to food and water.

Step 2

Place a metal tray under the pen for the collection of urine. Maintain a clean tray to ensure the purest possible quality of urine.

Step 3

Drain the urine into a clean container for use or sale.

Deceased Collection

Step 1

Roll the dead animal on its back. Cut the coyote or fox from the pelvic bone to the chest. Make the cut shallow to expose the intestines and organs without cutting into them.

Step 2

Locate the bladder near the pelvic bone. You may have to move some intestines to expose the bladder. The bladder is a milky white sack filled with fluid.

Step 3

Locate the bladder tube where it attaches to the bladder. Pinch the tube and cut it free. Pull the tube from the body cavity and place it over an empty bottle or jar. Allow the bladder to drain into the container.


  • Do not allow urine to contact the meat on a deceased animal if you have any plans for consumption. Urine will spoil the meat.
  • Also, collect the urine as soon as the animal is recovered. Some animals will release the fluid when deceased.


  • Urine is readily available and the cost is reasonable. Simply purchase the urine if you only need limited quantities.
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