Coleman Tent Instructions

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With a tent, campers can enjoy the outdoors overnight while protected from the elements. Learn how to set up your tent before you venture out in the wild to become familiarized with all its parts and assembly steps. The Coleman Sundome tent is an easy-to-use shelter that you can quickly setup by following simple instructions. No tools are necessary, just your Coleman tent and the assembly parts it came with.

Items you will need

  • Coleman tent

  • 2 main tent poles

  • Rainfly pole

  • Rainfly

Choose a level clearing to assemble the tent. Lay out and position the tent with the door facing the desired direction.

Unzip the tent door and stake down all four corners using the rings at the end of each stake loop. Keep the tent floor taut.

Assemble the two long frame poles by expanding the interlocking shock-corded poles, then insert diagonally into pole sleeves. The poles should form an X-shape in the middle of tent.

Insert one end of the main tent pole over the pin located at the tent's corner. Go to the opposite end and slowly apply pressure to the pole so that the pole will form an arch until you can insert the pin into the pole. Repeat for the second pole to finish connecting your frame to the tent.

Take the frame clips and attach along the edges of the tent and clip to the frame poles. If necessary, make adjustments to the corner stakes. This attaches your tent to the frame.

Set up the rainfly pole by interlocking the shock-corded pole, then insert into reinforced pockets. The pockets are located at the center edges of the rainfly's underside.

Attach the rainfly to the rainfly pole and drape over the tent frame with the pole side down. Locate four elastic loops with S-hooks at the rainfly corners then connect to the four rings at the edges of the tent.

Secure rainfly with attachments from its underside, then stake out the tent using the two side guylines. Stake down the doormat in front of the tent. Your Coleman Sundome shelter is now ready for use.

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