How to Climb a Fence

If you ever have to climb a fence, you might find that it's more difficult than you thought. Especially if you have to climb a chain link model. With some practice, you can scale the obstacle quickly.

Run toward the fence quickly and jump as you approach the fence. You can climb a fence faster if you get a good running start and jump high upon the fence.

Grab the fence as you land onto it with your hands and feet at the same time. Place both feet onto the bar if there is one on the fence, or stick one foot through the chain.

Grab hold of the bar on top of the fence or place your hands through the chain links if it is a high fence.

Climb to the top by putting one foot up at a time through the fence while moving your hands up through the links simultaneously until you reach the top.

Hoist yourself over the top and bring your body around to the other side.

Jump down the other side or put your feet back through the links. Climb down the chain link fence the same way you climbed up.


  • If you jump down the other side of the fence, bend your knees as you land to avoid injury.
  • Wear tennis shoes when climbing a fence. Don't attempt this barefoot or when wearing loose shoes.

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