How to Clean a Travel Trailer

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Maintenance is essential to keep your travel trailer looking good and running great. Clean a trailer to keep the sap off the roof, the black streaks and bugs off the outside, and mud and clutter from building up inside. This should be done often so the travel trailer will be around for a long time.

Items you will need

  • RV roof cleaner

  • sponge, mop, and rags

  • hose

  • auto detergent

  • window cleaner

  • cooking oil spray

  • wax

  • bucket

  • microfiber cloth

  • chlorine bleach

  • vacuum

Cleaning the Roof

Step 1

Start cleaning from the highest point on the roof. This could be the air conditioner, roof vent, or sky dome. With a bleach-based cleaner or a black spot remover ,wipe down the area with a rag, mop or sponge.

Step 2

Carefully continue using the cleaner to clean the entire travel trailer roof. According to RV Basics, “Black streaks down the sides of your rig are caused by run-off from the dirt, bird droppings, fallen leaves, and other stuff that decays and is washed off the roof of your RV during light rains and heavy dew. Regular cleaning of your roof, especially just before the rainy season starts, will go a long way toward eliminating the cause of black streaks.”

Step 3

Ensure that you do not gouge or disturb any flashing or protected barrier that seals off leaks. Your goal is to remove as much of the mold and debris as possible to slow down the spread of the mold and keep the roof clean.

Cleaning the Exterior

Step 1

Hose the outside of the trailer down with a garden hose, on a cloudy day or in the shade, to get the first layer of dirt off. Select a cleaner made specifically to clean the travel trailer and follow the directions to apply the cleaner to remove black streaks.

Step 2

Use a window cleaner to wipe off the outside of the windows. For bugs and bird droppings on the windows or siding, saturate the area with spray cooking oil and wash off after 10 minutes.

Step 3

Apply a coat of wax, preferably by hand, to protect the trailer.

Cleaning the Interior

Step 1

Clean the inside of the travel trailer much like you clean your home. Although the kitchen may be small it is necessary to keep it as clean as possible. Sanitize the surfaces that can be seen, wipe out the window sill track, and clean the vent hood filter.

Step 2

Use a multi-purpose cleaner to wipe down plastic-based woodwork, the kitchen table, and the washable floors. If there are leather furnishings or trim, use a microfiber rag to wipe those areas down.

Step 3

Pour two ounces of chlorine bleach down all of the drains and flush with water after letting it sit for 5 minutes, to keep bacteria and odors down.

Step 4

Put everything in its place. A travel trailer has plenty of storage and using it effectively keeps clutter down and creates a more spacious feel.

Step 5

Vacuum the fabric furniture, carper floors, window treatments, and the mattresses as needed.