How to Clean Sand Out of a Jet Ski Motor

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Jet Ski is a brand of personal watercraft, designed to carry one person at a time. Unlike WaveRunners, which look something like motorcycles, Jet Skis have an operating lever the rider can lift up or put down -- to ride the craft on his knees. After Jet Skis come out of the water, there will be salt, sand and other debris in the motor, sucked up during operation. The rider must flush the engine, to rid it of sand and other particles.

Items you will need

  • Garden hose

Step 1

Pull out the drain plugs on the back of your Jet Ski, and allow the water to drain out.

Step 2

Locate the flush port or valve on the front or rear of your Jet Ski, depending on the model.

Step 3

Retrieve the flush kit or flush line that came with the Jet Ski when you purchased it.

Step 4

Attach the flush line or kit to a garden hose that's connected to a spigot.

Step 5

Fasten the flush line or kit to the flush outlet or valve on the Jet Ski, turning one-quarter to one-half turn.

Step 6

Start your Jet Ski's motor by depressing the engine start switch.

Step 7

Turn on the spigot about one-quarter to one-half turn, allowing water to flow through the garden hose, into the flush port or outlet.

Step 8

Monitor the bypass drain for 15 to 20 minutes, watching the water flow out of your Jet Ski. Once the water is completely free of debris, the sand has been flushed out of the motor.

Step 9

Turn the engine off, and disconnect the hose. Place your Jet Ski on the trailer, and tilt the trailer up -- allowing all the water remaining in the machine to flow out of the bypass line. Once drained, replace the drain plugs.

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