How to Clean Your Ruger P94 Pistol

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The Ruger P94 Pistol is a formidable semi-automatic pistol of the same build quality and accuracy as its P89 predecessor, but the P94 now comes with the option of a larger caliber. Whereas P89 and prior pistol models were only available in the 9mm caliber, the P94 is now available in 9mm or .40 S&W. Touted as being as accurate as a Beretta for about half the price tag, Ruger P94 pistols are solid performers with a strong following. Maintaining and cleaning these pistols is made easy through Ruger's use of extensive field stripping features. In just a few simple steps, the Ruger P94 can be stripped down and cleaned, then reassembled ready for more action.

Begin by removing the ammo clip and unloading any rounds kept in the chamber. If you have a 9mm version of the P94, there should be 15 rounds total from the clip and the chamber, so make sure they are all accounted for. With the .40 S&W version there should be 12 rounds to account for.

Pull the slide back and lock it. Push the ejector down and align the notch on the left side of the grip with the slide stop. Drift the slide stop through the hole until it stops, and then pull the slide forward off of the frame. Remove the spring assembly and the barrel.

Run six cleaning pads through the barrel with the cleaning rod. On the first three pads, use powder solvent, but the remaining three should be pushed through dry to dry out the barrel. Dip the Q-tips in cleaning solvent and then clean off powder residue and dust from the inside of the frame, trigger housing and spring assembly. Dampen a cloth with gun oil and wipe down the inside of the frame and slide, lube all moving pivots and wipe off the ammo clip.

Reassemble the gun by replacing the barrel in the frame and reversing step 2. Insert the magazine back into the gun, cycle a bullet into the chamber, and test out the gun. Make sure that, once reassembled, the gun will effectively cycle bullets through and fire without problem.


  • BE EXTREMELY CAUTIOUS and make absolutely certain that the gun is unloaded before starting disassembly or cleaning. Always keep the gun pointed in a safe direction.


  • An effective cleaning job can also be done without completely disassembling the gun. Simply run a few wet and dry swabs through the barrel every two clips or so to help restore the accuracy of a perfectly clean gun.

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