How to Clean a Portable Toilet

How to Clean a Portable Toilet

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Portable toilets are ideal in areas where there isn't access to a plumbed toilet, such as a construction site or a campground. Some portable toilets come enclosed for privacy, others are just a free standing toilet shell that fits in a prepared space in an RV. Whatever type of portable toilet you own, one thing is for sure: it must be cleaned.

Items you will need

  • Bleach

  • Water

Empty the bottom tank of your portable toilet completely. Rinse it well with running water until it is clean.

Expel all the extra tank mix from the pressure lines and suction--in your top tank--by operating the pump a few times.

Pour a mixture of 1/2 cup bleach to a gallon of water into the top tank and shake it around until the bleach water coats all the walls.

Place the top tank back on the bottom tank. Operate the pump to distribute the bleach water through the lines and pump, until all the water is transferred to the bottom tank.

Remove the top tank and turn it upside down to make sure all the bleach water drains out. Let it dry.

Shake the bottom tank to evenly distribute the bleach water around the tank. Allow some of the water to go down the drain tube. Empty the water and let the tank dry.


  • Store your portable toilet in the dark to prevent algae from growing in the tanks while not in use.


  • Maintain the rubber seal around the bottom tank opening by applying cooking oil regularly.
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