How to Clean Pop-Up Campers

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Pop-up campers are a cost-effective way to break into the world of camping with a travel trailer. However, unlike hard-sided campers, pop-ups need a little extra tender loving care to ensure years of use. A little hard work up front will pay off in the long run with a lasting home away from home for years to come.

How to Clean a Pop-up Camper

Step 1

Set up the camper prior to cleaning. Use the directions in the owner's manual to extend the sides and roof.

Step 2

Remove all non-permanent objects such as equipment, linens, clothes, cushions, and especially food.

Step 3

Use soap and water, anti-bacterial wipes, or a cleaning spray to sanitize all hard surfaces. Open the cabinets to ensure no food remnants remain in hard-to-reach places. Clean the surface of the bed racks.

Step 4

Use a fabric safe cleanser and a mold/mildew remover to clean stains from the canvas or plastic windows. Scrub with a soft bristle brush or sponge if necessary.

Step 5

Sweep the interior of dust and dirt.

Step 6

Clean the cushions, linens, etc. according to the instructions on their respective tags prior to replacing them.

Step 7

Place the four fabric softener sheets inside to help eliminate the stale smell caused by periods of inactivity.

Step 8

Wash the exterior of the hard shell of the camper similar to the way a car is washed using car soap and water. Clean the exterior of the canvas in the same manner as the interior.

Step 9

Allow the interior and exterior to dry (approximately two days) before breaking down the camper for storage. Follow the instructions in the owner's manual.

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