How To Clean Out Outboard Fuel Injectors

How To Clean Out Outboard Fuel Injectors

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Outboard motors are, for the most part, found on boats and marine vehicles. Outboard fuel injectors distribute fuel to individual cylinders on two-stroke and four-stroke outboard motors. If the fuel injectors are not cleaned and well maintained, the injectors can collect carbon build-up and prevent a smooth distribution of fuel. This can, in turn, lead to poor performance. Cleaning your outboard fuel injectors with outboard two-stroke or four-stroke fuel injector cleaner will keep your outboard motor performing at it's best.

Items you will need

  • Outboard fuel injector cleaner

Remove the gas cap to your outboard motor. Turn the gas cap counter-clockwise to loosen the cap and pull the gas cap off of the fuel tank.

Fill your gas tank with gasoline. If your boat requires a mixture of oil and gasoline, such as for two-stroke engines, refer to your owner's manual to find the correct ratio of oil and fuel for your engine model.

Pour the entire bottle of outboard fuel injector cleaner into the full fuel tank.

Place the fuel cap back on the outboard motor fuel tank. Twist the cap clockwise to tighten and secure the cap to the fuel tank.

Start the boat motor. The outboard fuel injector cleaner will automatically clean the fuel injectors once the motor has been turned on and fuel is distributed into the cylinders.

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